Static Products
Static Products
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What Is Static?

Electricity at rest.

How simple but inadequate this definition is of a natural phenomenon that is most capricious. It costs industry millions of rupees every year!

It's manifestations are familiar to all of us. In the form of lightning and it's aftermath thunder, static strikes into old & young alike. For the brief instant lightning flashes, static electricity is no longer at rest. There are many examples encountered in industry which cannot be dismissed as interesting, amusing or inevitable. Their effect can be to ignite, destroy, cause explosion or give fatal shock, create handling difficulties and spoil goods with dirt.

How can we control Static?

Basically there are two ways of controlling static:

  • Temporary control by air ionizing devices.
  • Long term control by utilizing anti-static additives in primary manufacture of raw materials.

Para's Role

For over 28 years, PARA is manufacturing range of static measuring & control instruments to fight the devil of static encountered in the industrial environment.

The instruments conform to the recommendations per IS7689-1989 of Bureau of Indian standards. In order to solve static problem, three basic steps must be taken:

  • Identify the problem : The PARA Static Charge Meter will measure the amount and identify the polarity of static charge present. The meter will also help in checking effectiveness of ionisers /static eliminators.
  • Determine a Solution : Once the problem is identified, solution should be considered next. Can the static be controlled by grounding, ionization or a combination thereof. PARA offers air ionizing electrically powered static control equipment. This type of equipment is most effective in neutralizing static during manufacturing process.
  • Selecting proper equipment : Selection of a proper ioniser is most important. PARA offers a wide range of ionisers to suit every application. These ionisers are powered by an electronically controlled HV power supply. PARA's role is not, however, restricted to standard products. Possibility of using new designs as well as investigating problems is always under consideration.


Static Control                    
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Ionisers effectively neutralize static charges of either polarity through ionisation of surrounding atmosphere. Ionisation is achieved by AC high voltage corona discharge. Ions of either polarity are generated. Different types of Ionisers can be connected to the control unit. We offer range of Ioniser to suit customer needs.

Static Charge Controller

Static Charge Controller is a mains operated electronic control unit and generates AC high voltage supply to drive ionisers. Different types of ionisers can be connected to the control unit.

Static Charge Eliminator SCE-1M

High Voltage : 5KV AC

Capacity : Can drive total of 4 Meter length of Hot Bar and cable. The efficiency of elimination decreases as the length of the cable increases.

Facilities : Provision to connect three nos. PARA Ionisers. Air-inlet and three air- outlets for ionisers requiring compressed air supply.

Safety Feature : Auto reset electronic switch disconnects H.V supply to ioniser in the event of overload due to :

  • Operator inadvertently touching sharp needle points of the ioniser.
  • An unlikely event of ioniser short circuiting or ioniser H.V current exceeding preset limit.

Power Requirement : 240V/120V, 50/60 Hz AC, 10VA max.

Mechanical Dimensions (in mm) : 150W X 150H X 210D

Weight : 5Kg approx.


Ioniser Selection

We Offer variety of Ioniser as an accessory to SCE-1M for the effective elimination of the static.

  • Bar Type Ionisers - Hot Bar, Comb Bar
  • Small Volume Air Ionisers - Air Gun Blower
  • Large Volume Air Ionisers - Ring Ionisers

Ring Ionisers : Designed specifically to eliminate static produced in plastic pouches.

Pouch Size (cm) InnerG Diameter (cm) Outer Diameter (cm)
2.5 to 6 8 to 12 14 to 20
5, 7 or 9 11, 13 or 15 17, 19 or 21
17 23 29

Hot Bar Ioniser

Size : 30 mm x 30 mm x 1 mtr (Standard)

Effective distance : More than 25 mm

Elimination efficiency : 5 Secs

Application : Suitable for elimination of static on material in sheet form in industries using or manufacturing rubber, bakelite, Teflon coated rollers, processing rubber plastics etc.


Air Gun Blower

Effective distance : Upto 2.5 Mtr,
                              Depending upon Air pressure (max. 1 Kg / cm2)

Elimination efficiency : 0.8 Secs

Application : Bulk elimination in nonflammable or hazardous Environment. Hard to reach places like inside pipes, vessels, fluidised air-bed dryers etc.



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