Industrial Products
Industrial Products
PBI-1 : Broken Bag Indicator
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Broken Bag Indicator, PBI-1 offered by Para Electronics, is suitable for Fluidized Air Bed Dryers used in Pharma and Chemical Industries.

PBI-1 works on tribo-electric principle. Current pulses generated due to the impact of powder leak, are sensed by the probe unit mounted in the exhaust duct .These input pulses are converted in to 4 to 20 mA output. The Readout unit displays the current value in % on a Bar Graph Display. 4 to 20 mA output and potential free Alarm Relay Contacts are available for PLC operations.

To avoid false alarms and to detect genuine broken bag, time delayed alarm circuit is incorporated in the readout unit. Delay time is adjustable between 7 to 70 seconds.

Self diagnostic current input signal is internally fed to the probe to continuously monitor the reliable functioning of the Broken Bag Indicator. The distance between the probe unit and readout unit can be as long as 20 to 25 meters.

Specifications :

Read Out Unit
Input Current : 4 to 20 mA as received from Probe Unit
Display Readout : Bar Graph type Green color LED Indicating input current and set alarm level
Preset Time : Settable between 6~7 to 60~70 sec (approx)
Alarm Output : LED indication on front panel Change Over Relay Contacts
POWER : 240V AC Mains, with proper earth
Probe Unit
Input Range : 0 to 10 nA
Output Range : 4 to 20 mA
Power Supply : ± 12V DC (Internally generated by Readout Unit)
Connector : Allied type MS 3102R-14S-6P MIL Grade 6 Pin Male Connector
Probe : SS, 10 mm dia x 250 mm long Suitable for duct sizes of 200, 300, 400 mm dia
Electronics : Aluminum housing, 95 mm dia x 70 mm long
Mounting : 1” dia Standard NPT threads
Dimensions : 150 L x 50 D x 100 H mm
Weight : Approx 1 kg
Interconnecting Cable : 20 meter long


PPASS-01 : Particle Aerodynamic Size Separator
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Para Particle Aerodynamic Size Separator Model PPASS-01 is designed and developed for measurement of the size distribution in a host of applications such as pollution and atmospheric studies, inhalation hazard evaluation, characterizing lung delivery systems, material synthesis, etc. PPASS-01 is based on the principle of inertial impaction and separates particles according to their aerodynamic diameters in the range of 0.53 to 10 m in seven class intervals. It has a special feature that it can be used with the number of stages less than the maximum of seven. PPASS-01 is manufactured under license from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai. The design/technical knowhow transferred to Para Electronics- Manufacturing Division of Electronic Enterprises (India) Pvt. Ltd., is the product of developmental work by Environmental Assessment Division of BARC.

The PPASS-01 is useful for occupational monitoring of radioactive and non-radioactive environments, arising in the context of material processing, metal cutting, powder handling, etc. It is useful for air quality regulators as well as for researchers engaged in various aspects of air pollution and aerosol research. It can also be used by the pharmaceutical industries for characterising the lung aerosol delivery systems such as nebulisers and metered dose inhalers.

Some important features of PPASS-01 are

  • higher flow rate of 45 lpm, enabling a quicker collection of samples for analysis
  • load any number of stages other than the maximum seven, depending upon the requirement
  • new design of collection plates reduces inter-stage losses and ensures uniform particle deposits
  • assembly or disassembly made easy by the use of stud and wing nut arrangement low internal wall losses

The adjoining graph shows the response functions for the impaction stages of PPASS-01 indicating the collection efficiency variation with particle size. To standardize cut-off characteristics, a very simple and easy calibration method using well characterized, nebuliser generated polydisperse aerosols has been evolved. Each unit is tested for its stage response as per BARC test procedures.

Typical Stage :

A typical stage is shown alongside. Nozzle rings are made of aluminium alloy of grade 6061, collection and impaction plates are of stainless steel, connecting adapters and fasteners are of brass. The unit is made leakproof with the use of neoprene gaskets

Specifications :

Impactor Stages : 7 Nos
Operating Flow rate : 45 lpm
Cut-off Diameters : 8.95, 7.91, 6.09,4.15, 2.94, 1.03, 0.53 micro meter
Collection Plate Holder : 82 mm Dia
Collection Substrate : 70 mm Dia
Inlet Cone : 25 mm dia
Unit Dimensions : 96 mm Dia x 230 mm Ht
Weight : 2.5 Kg
Accessories :
  • Monoblock Dry Vacuum Pump 100 lpm with ¼ hp motor, 230V, 50Hz operation, 1440 rpm, 0-100 lpm Rotameter or Electronic Flow Transducer and Digital Indicatr, Flow Adjust Bleed Valve
  • Carrying Case for PPASS-01 and the pump


PFI-1 : Air Flow Monitor
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Model PFI -100 is designed for measurement of air flow in the pipes for industrial applications. It measures air Flow in the range of 0 – 100 LPM. Model PFI-100 works on 240 V AC Mains Supply. It measures air flow in ½” dia pipe. This air flow is indicated on 4 x 20 char LCD Display. It also generates 4 to 20 mA output signal, linearly proportional to air flow in LPM.

Low and High level alarms can be set within the full range of air flow. Air flow totalizer is also provided to integrate air volume in Liters for the preset time.

Model PFI-100 sensor circuit housed in the probe unit, is a robust, all solid state device working on Kings law. The length of interconnecting cable between probe unit and readout unit can be 3 meters long. Necessary ½” pipe couplings are provided to enable user install the probe in the air line.

Specifications :

Read Out Unit
Air Flow Range : 0 to 100 LPM
Accuracy : ± 5% of Full Scale
Menu : 4 x 20 Character LCD
Keyboard : 4 keys - TOT, SETUP, ENTER, ESC
Alarms : Low and High Level
Alarm Indication : LED on front panel, Relay Contact
Totalizer Time : Settable up to 24:00 Hrs
Totaliser On/ OFF : Through Keypad
Output : 4 to 20 mA proportional to LPM
Operating Voltage : +240V AC, 50 Hz Mains Supply
Mechanical : Steel Housing, panel mounting type
Dimensions : 140 W x 110 H x 210 D mm
Output : 4 to 20 mA proportional to LPM
Probe Construction : Stainless Steel, M14, Threaded female port
Dimensions : Stainless Steel housing, 80 L x 70 H x 25 D mm
Output : 1~2 meters long, 3 core cable with Amphenol connector


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