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Test & Measurement
  • Programmable DC Power Supplies, AC Source, AC/DC Electronic Loads, Solar Array Simulators and Grid Simulators for Testing of PV Inverters.
  • 30W to 150KW Programmable DC Power supplies
  • 750VA to 1MVA (16 8KHz) Programmable AC Power Source with Mil Std704, DO-160, B787 and ABD100 Avionics testing standards
  • 60W to 250KW+ DC Electronic Loads and 4.5KVA AC Loads
  • Solar array simulation systems (850W to 25KW Standard Models and Scalable to 1MW) & Battery simulation systems
  • Fast Pulse Generators & Lock in amplifiers
  • Arbitrary Function Generators and LCR Meters.
  • Upto 8 Ch.Digital Delay & Pulse Generators,
  • High Current Pulsers, Light and Optical Pulse Generators
  • Precision Pulse and Fast Tail Pulse Generators
  • Ultra High Speed ( Nano second / Pico Second rise time)- High Current (upto 500Amps)-High Voltage upto 700 Volts and Very High Voltage range up to 1MegV
  • Pulse Generators & Pulsed Laser Diode Drivers
  • Embedded High Voltage Pulser
  • Semi-conductor device test Generators (Forward &Reverse Recovery, Lifetime and Transition time Testing), & Impulse Generators.
  • Dual Ch.FFT Spectrum Analyzer, 200KHz Audio Analyzer
  • Lock-in Amplifiers (100KHz & 200MHz) with Optical choppers, Pre-amplifiers,
  • Photon Counters, Gated integrators and Box-car Averagers.
  • Synthesized Clock Generators, Time Interval and Frequency Counter
  • Residual Gas Analyzers
  • 1MHz Distortion Analyzer, Phase Angle Meter
  • Wide Band Power Amplifiers with Impedance Matching Transformer
  • 1.3GHz Wideband Voltage Amplifiers and Ultra Low Noise Current Amplifier Modules
  • Prog. Active Filters (Max 25MHz) & Plug-in-Filter/Amplifier Cards
  • Precision DC/AC Voltage Current Source and Calibrators
  • DSO's and DMM's
  • VME Instrumentation Cards for precision Thermocouple and RTD Temperature measurement/simulation, LVDT, Tachometer, Arb.F.G etc.
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