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Electronic Components
  • Mu Metal Magnetic shielding material for CRT, PMT etc
  • High Power, High Voltage, High Temperature Precision Resistors
  • Synchro/Resolver to Digital, Digital to Resolver/Synchro Converters
  • Synchro Booster Amplifiers, Synchro/Resolver Angle Indicators and Absolute Encoders
  • VME card Compatible Synchro/Resolver Converters
  • Linear Power Operational Amplifiers and Pulse width modulation amplifiers (ICís) for Brush and Brushless DC motor Drives
  • Precision Voltage references
  • Ultra Low Noise P-Channel Dual JFET Amplifiers
  • JFET Amplifiers Single, Low Leakage Diodes
  • MOSFETs, Photo FETs, JFET Switches, Voltage Controlled Resistors.
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