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Laboratory, Industrial and Scientific Instruments
  • Low Noise Amplifiers, Lock-In-Amplifiers with Optical choppers, Pre- amplifiers, Photon Counters, Gated integrators and Boxcar Averagers
  • Twin laser Particle counters - batch and online, for monitoring solid contamination in hydraulic fluids as per NAS, ISO standards
  • Air borne particle counters- 1 cfm and 1.7 cfm (50lpm) flow rate versions
  • Aerosol Generators
  • Aerosol Spectrometers
  • HEPA, ULPA filter test set ups as per EN, ISO standards, Pore size meter for non-wovens
  • Gravimetric Blow-by measurement set up for the Diesel Engines
  • Dew Point Meters/Moisture Analysers for Air and Gases. Spot Check and On-Line Dew point Meters
  • Multichannel Thermocouple Monitor Temperature controllers, Cryogenic Temperature controllers
  • VME / VXI based Instrumentation Cards: Precision Thermocouple & RTD temperature measurement/simulation, Electrical to Optical converters
  • Residual Gas Analyzers, Universal Gas Analyzers
  • FFT Analyser / Sound Analysers
  • Synchro to Digital Converters, Synchro to Digital, Digital to Synchro Resolver/ Synchro -Synchro Booster amplifier, Synchro Resolver Angle Indicators, Absolute Encoders, VME Card Compatible Synchro/Resolver Converters.
  • Temperature / RH Measurement products: Humidity and Temperature Meters, Dataloggers,
  • Portable Differential Pressure Calibrator & Reference.
  • Measuring Instrument Pascal Switch: Differential Pressure for Clean Rooms Laminar flow boxes & filter system.
  • Walk-in-Ovens, Batch Ovens with full Temperature cycle programmability, Depyrogenation /Sterilization clean room ovens for use in clean room
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