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Nuclear Products - Special Projects

We have undertaken many customized jobs for fabrication of various instruments as per the specifications given by the customers. These jobs include design, fabrication, testing and commissioning of instruments, systems etc. Following is the brief list of equipment developed and supplied to customers. Complete software supply and after sales service is provided so as to the smoother functioning of hardware , with minimum down time.

Customized Products
Scintillation Radon Monitor Electrical Charge Accumulated Scintillation based Radon Monitor Thoron Monitor
RADSPEC - 4 CRM - Countrate Meter with GPS Facility Labcount - Single Channel Spectrometer / Count Rate Meter
Equipment Monitor PIG Tracker - Pipe Inspection Gauge Tracer Scintillation Thoron Monitor
Passive Air Sampler Gamma Scanner  

We welcome our customers who have special requirement of non standard equipment. Every effort will be made to design, develop and supply the required equipment satisfying the customer need in the reasonable time.

Our design team will be happy to meet you to understand your special and specific requirements and also to offer the most appropriate and complete solution within the reasonable budget and specified time frame.


Lead Shields For Detectors  

We have also designed and fabricated mechanical accessories such as lead shields, as per customer requirement.In counting experiments, to shield the detectors from background/ambient radiations, lead shields with/without tin, copper or aluminum lining are used.These lead shields can house small GM detectors to large volume NaI(Tl) detectors and integral assemblies. We have supplied lead shield for NaI(Tl) Integral Detectors with dimensions ranging from 1” dia x 1” thick to 5” dia x 4” thick, weighing few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms.


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